’ Psycomatika suite’ is my first approach to Acousmatic, concrete and electronic musi, thou it is conceived to be heared on stereo loudspeakers or headphones.

I composed this piece by the fall of 2003, after a nice experience conducting, arranging and writing for sax ensembles.

I’m grateful to the people who supported me on this process: Clara Suarez, Julio Viera, Jorge Sad and many others.

Three main elements (sound objects) are present trough out psicomatyka. I feel each is an organism by itself; als each element is treated as a theme itself:

One, the sax ensemble sounds. We record them with Carpo Bidegan at Ricardo Parada’s studio (most of the recordings of the arrangements I wrote that time are lost).

Two, crickets.

Three, water.

I’m glad water is in this early work.