This document describes , a decentralized autonomous commisioning system that may serve as replacement to copyright, author laws and other existing rights management systems, using interdependently blockchains and smart contracts.

How it works

Open Score is a decentralized autonomous commisioning system developed by the Open Score Initiative.

The Open Score Initiative (OSI) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which aim is to develop the Open Score Smart Contract system (OSSCS) original project and may serve as a future plataform for further commisioning.

A composer, a colective or individual ( aka the commisioned party), initiates a project by creating an asset into the Open Score ledger using the open score smart contract.

This operations are permanently written into the ethereum blockchain.

A presale campaign is begun and tokens of the asset are created.

When it finishes, no more tokens are created and the asset (aka the work) is uploaded into a descentralized ledger where it is permanently stored.

The duration of this campaign and all particular details to each project are automatically hardcoded into the genesys block of each asset.

Each statement is verified by the tau chain.

The problem we try to resolve

Es un contrasentido por parte de la ley el obligar al pago de una remuneración hacia autores, cuando este derecho es de carácter irrenunciable, y se hará efectivo, además, a través de entidades de gestión que no gestionan estas obras…

Debe tenerse también en consideración que el repertorio del que las entidades de gestión tienen cedidos derechos digitales, es mucho menor que el del entorno analógico y por lo tanto el cobro de este canon difícilmente revertiría en sus verdaderos titulares.

Paralelamente,el sistema de incentivos hacia la creacion artistica se ha desvinculado de la voluntad de individuos libres y autonomos, denotando rasgos parasitarios.


Quienes suscribimos hacemos manifiesto:

the Open Score Initiative Manifest

All participants in this manifesto suscribe:

  • Music belongs to its authors but also to its validating communities in a proportion 51% and 49% respectively.

  • Comunities validate music by contributing to its development through a decentraliced commisioning system (DACS).

-The comissioned party, the composer, by developing the work is considered an art worker.

  • Sonic art development is an act of human generosity and fraternity toward its validating community and beyond, that celebrates freedom of expression, and impulses our highest capabilities as individuals.

  • The decentraliced comissioning of musical works , suported by the free will of worldwide individuals, the commissioners party, implicitly validates a way of developing and sharing music.

  • Music is knowledge and knowledge is open. Therefore, it is legit for humans to generate and share it, at the time its attached by rights and obligations.

Inner working and used technologies

Our main purpose is not to reinvent the weel but to develop the open score initiative. In order to achieve this, we propose to full fill this task by using existent techologies that are currently and actively being developed. By making this statement, it is asumed that undeveloped technologies will emerge and solve the same problems we are fullfiling.



A DAO is a new type of organization that lives on the blockchain, best comparable to a digital company, but without an attached legal entity. A DAO is composed of DAO token holders that can review Proposals and cast their votes to elect and direct Contractors in the physical world. This process is very similar to selecting a vendor or supplier. A DAO is however superior in many respects to a traditional company in the sense that all the decisions it makes are transparent, its finances can be audited by anyone and corruption is impossible.


This technology is the mother of all subsequent projects. The OSI will use this as the main method of payment, and its blockchain as the proof of stake of each asset (work).


Ethereum is used as a decentraliced computer in which we rum the Open Score Smart Contract (OSSC)



The open Score DAO framework

The Open Score DAO framework is an open source project and everyone is encouraged to participate in any way they can. The Open Score DAO framework is side project of Energia SOnora and a gift to worldwide communities. It consists of a definitive whitepaper, smart contract code validated through the Tauchain

Tau Chain

Tau-chain is a fully decentralized P2P network being a generalization of many centralized and decentralized P2P networks, including the Blockchain. Tau is a language. It is a programming language, but not only such. It may express virtually any arbitrary knowledge, rules, and processes. Examples are contracts, mathematical proofs, scientific facts and arguments, and legal documents. Its power comes from being unambiguous and consistent while still maintaining maximum (finite) expressibility.


Agoras is an application over Tau, being first and foremost a smart currency. It will allow smart contracts, but rather too-”smart” contracts like the bank hands you, it allows meaningful contracts only – contracts that you can know their consequences beforehand. That thanks to the decidability of Tau-Chain’s language.

Sox Audio Exchange Format

SoX is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS X, etc.) command line utility that can convert various formats of computer audio files in to other formats. It can also apply various effects to these sound files, and, as an added bonus, SoX can play and record audio files on most platforms.


how to suscribe as composer.

Composers may suscribe works, not themselves. That said, composers can subscribe works.

how to participate as a comissioner

Each composer is responsible for anouncing his own project. That said, the Open Score Initiative also pulbicly shows currents projects and these can ve viewed and consulted as they are happening in the open ledger of the blockchain.

The Process


Each commisioned work is developed in two stages. In the first stage each comisioner who contributes to the project creates a token. This is the presale stage.

At the second stage the work is launched. No more tokens can be generated, and the created tokens serve as comodities. This commodities may serve two functions:

  • TOken holder have a valid vote, and the amount of tokens owned refers as quorum.
  • Tokens can be traded in the market.

The smart contract

The smart contract is run using sox audio format to give the DAO the ownership of the music work.

further reading

The Evolution of Code as Law: watching The DAO take its first steps


Este proyecto elimina la necesidad de middleman, permitiendo a traves de contratos inteligente ejecutados automaticamente usando ethereum , que los assets se autoadministren, segun las reglas establecidas en el bloque genesis del aset, el cual esta expresado en el manifiesto original y junto a las variaciones y/o agregados particulares de cada asset, embebido en la cadena de blockes.

Deseamos proveer de un sistema mas justo, consecuente, mensurable, abierto, autonomo, que maximice la eficiencia, posibilite la integracion dinamica entre comunidades y permita el desarollo de una nueva musica intercultural.

A su vez es necesario destacar que el objetivo de este proyecto si bien propone un posible reemplazo al los actuales sistemas de management de derechos digitales, no tiene intencion de desafiar el rol de las sociedades de gestion de derechos de autor sino que propone un desafio que implicará la adaptacion de todos los organismo a traves luego de una etapa disruptiva.