Music in the open is a series of lecture aimed at being, living and working as a composer performer. Free and open technologies and notions are encouraged.


sacred geometry of sound

Fundamental of acustics from the perspective of sound. We start listening to a vibration, we analise it we see it expand through its harmonics the 2 is the octave, third the fifth, and so.



Brief intro about my perspective and experiences.


  • Philosophy of composition
  • Multitask: Scoring, composing and arranging
  • Art as a reflection

Software toolkit

  • Notation software
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Other tools

Living as a Composer toolkit

  • Earning a living
  • Promoting yourself
  • Getting Your Work Performed Live
  • Publishing your Work
  • Protecting Yourself

Arranger toolkit

Technics, from writing to other aspects of composing.

  • Learning the basics: harmony, counterpoint, development (contraction expansion, retrogradation)
  • Teaching yourself through analysis and listening.
  • Hearing the inside

Listening the universe

This is an exercise to develop yourself into the art of the listening: We hear for a minute an apparently monotone sound. One minute per landscape. Then we try to remember and write down the sum up of the experience in thirty seconds (or a random intervale between 3 and 300 seconds) and describe different aspects of sound experience.

An apparent monotone sound, just noises or or a social environment may sound interesting and can be developed in an artistic language. Then we share each individual experience within collective. This sentient collective self ofen reveals new perspectives that enriches and influences perceived by other sentient beings.

Hermetic Music in the open

  • Feel, think and sound towards a unique direction
  • The three functions: female, male and neutral.
  • Analisys of examples.
  • Final thoughts and summing up.