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Copyright on the Blockchain

BitAlias By knowing one simple alias payers can generate unlimited private and public addresses for any BitAlias user.


Governance 2.0: Borderless - Decentralized - Voluntary New York City · Silicon Valley · Bitcoin · Emerging Markets · Blockchains · Governance

Ether.Fund logo Ether.Fund

Providing tools and investments to grow the Ethereum ecosystem.


changetip ChangeTip makes it as simple as a tweet or a like

Counterparty Foundation

Powering Decentralized Finance

xBT plaza

on-line marketplace for bitcoins. Social shopping using bitcoins Valencia, Spain ·


Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Miner


Decentralized Application Platform

Cooperation In Action


Federated OpenID providers that verify user-submitted information … caido..


HyperLocal Banking for the Unbanked

VFS Ventures & Securities

Incubator for Cryptocurrency related businesses

First Global Credit

Trade your way to more bitcoins London · Geneva · Financial Services · Bitcoin · Fin Tech · Bitcoin Exchange

BitGive Bitcoin Charitable Giving Organization

The easiest way to pay and get paid


Art is the revolution

Cryptograf is the new powerful way to connect street art, activism and crypto currency to accelerate freedom of internet.


Run bitcoin exchange anywhere


Bookwithbit is for bitcoin user or community Fort Smith · Online Travel · Travel · Bitcoin · Hotels


Mobile Banking for the Developing World


Spend bitcoin in the real world. Our first is Fold, a mobile payment app for spending bitcoin at major retail stores like Starbucks, Target, Walmart, & Whole Foods. Try it now at Starbucks by visiting

Wearing Digital

Wearable Technology for Cyclists, Crypto Currencies, & Prision


Kickstarter for lending with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Decentral Accelerate

World’s first accelerator for decentralized apps Accelerator · Toronto · Finance Technology · Bitcoin · Disruptive Models


Book vacation rentals and amazing travel activities with Bitcoin


Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Crowdfund with Bitcoin, and more!

ProofOfExistence Use our service to anonymously and securely store an online distributed proof of existence for any document. Your documents are NOT stored in our database or in the bitcoin blockchain, so you don’t have to worry about your data being accessed by others.


Stream live video and get paid in real time


Bitcoin Charitable Organization San Francisco Bay Area · Bitcoin · Global · Charity · Developing World


The leader in bitcoin talent discovery