Xunorus, aka Claudio Maldonado, is a composer, guitar soloist, computer musician and developer from Patagonia Argentina. Disciple of masters Claudio Ceccoli, Armando de la Vega y Gustavo Fedel and Pirai Vaca and others, Claudio has participated in master classes, workshops and special studies with J. Sad, R Sigal, David Rosenboom, Francisco Colasanto, Ajay Kapur, Jorge Morel, Eduardo Isaac, Carlos Perez, Roman Viasovsky, Maria Isabel Siewers, Carlos Groisman, Marco Tamayo, Daniel Wolf, Humberto Amorim y Pablo DiGiusto among others , and also took conducting lessons with Jorge Fontenla.

Claudio has received several awards and grants like Young Creators 2005 (Argentina National Cultural Department), Practicas de Vuelo (2005, CMMAS- México), National Arts Funds (2008), Distintion by Conservatorio de las Rosas (2005), Distintion by Secretaría Cultura Cotija de la Paz(2005 Michoacán -Mexico) and International meeting of Classical Guitar, La Falda (Cordoba 2013).

In the computer music field he has developed several research and creation projects at I.I.eS.Mu.M.D (2003), LIPM (2004), CMMAS (2005), developing software and projects focused on mixed music. Claudio is the founder of Energia Sonora, an organization aimed to promote new music in patagonia region. Whithin that organization, from 2003 to 2010, was run the Festival Patagónico de Música Contemporáea, Electroacútica y Arte Sonoro, devoted to the promotion and search of contemporary musical expressions.

In 2008 Transatlantic Arts Consortium (CalArts- Idyllwild-Dartinton Hall Trust) selected him as a international composer-performerand commissioned "Ah!"an opera no-opera , premiered at REDCAT, Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA. California, EEUU on 2009. On April 2009 he premiered his quintet Suite Patagónica with FCP String Quartet. On June 2010, premiered “Colección” a 42 minutes suite for chamber orchestra, guitar and electronics, inspired on Georg Miciu 's painting. In 2013 lauched his debut album called Cantata,an original conceptual work for string quartet and guitar.

Has played concerts touring Argentina, México, Chile, Bolivia and Unites States at festivals, fine halls and events like: Walt Disney Concert Hall, REDCAT- 2009 (L.A.-EEUU), Teatro del Lago (Frutillar- Chile 2012), Camping Musical Bariloche (Rio Negro-Arg.), Colorado Springs Guitar Society, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Festival Guitarras del Mundo 2009, Sala Tita Merelo-Sonoimágenes 2007 (internacional Multimedia Festival, UNLa), 404 International Festival of Electronic Art , XVIII electroacustic Music nacional Meeting( FARME Cordoba Argentina), XXI Week of the electroacustic music and other media (FARME Santa Fe Argentina), 6to “Encuentro de Guitarristas en el sur neuquino", Buenache 2008 (España), Visiones Sonoras 2005 (México DF), Manzana de las luces (Bs As-Arg.), Sala prícipe de Asturias (Rosario-Arg.), Conservatorio de las Rosas (Morelia- Mex), Camping Musical Bariloche (Rio Negro-Arg.), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Festival Guitarras del Mundo 2009, others.
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